Tips for Fishing in Ireland Rivers and Lakes

Fishing is a very popular activity in Ireland. Most of the legitimate fishing methods are allowed in the rivers here, including the use of fishing worms and fly fishing. If the currents are right then fishing worms are usually good bait in these rivers. No matter how you fish, you should use fishing worms provided by reliable suppliers like Leansmount Worms for a good catch.

Irish rivers are divided into limestone and acidic. When it comes to fly fishing, limestone rivers are suitable to fish nymph or upstream dry fly. On the other hand, acidic streams are suitable for wet fly fishing. In June, it is important that you wait for the evening rise, since trout and heavy fish keep moving during this time. You can catch a lot of fish in the final phase of evening rise.

Before fishing in Irish lakes, it is important to know if the fishing method you are using is allowed in that particular region. Some anglers use trolling, which involves the drawing of a fishing line, with one or more hooks attached, through the water from a moving boat. This method can catch a large amount of fish. In lakes like Lough Ennell, fishing continues up to early October. For the best fishing experience in Ireland’s lakes, you should hire a boat and cover the entire water body properly. If you want to have fun and catch a lot of fish, make sure you purchase fishing worms from a reputed company like Leansmount Worms.