What clothes to wear while fishing

You need to dress appropriately for fishing. This does not mean spending a lot of money on the latest gear but it does mean thinking about what you are going to need. As Hemingway said in The Old Man and the Sea “Anyone can be a fisherman in May”. In other words it’s easy to fish in good weather but not so easy when it’s cold rainy and stormy.

So be prepared. That’s what the Boy Scouts have advised for over 100 years and it is still good advice today. Yes it’s fun to be spontaneous to grab your fishing rod and go but it’s no fun to fish in the rain when you know your water proofs are at home in the wardrobe. Nor do you want to wear clothes that scare the fish by giving away your position.

Clothes for fishing:

Wearing layers is always a good idea when you are fishing in the UK because this allows you to adapt to changing weather conditions. Even on a good day it is likely to be colder in the early morning than later in the day.

  • A cotton t-shirt and shorts in all but the coolest weather.
  • A long sleeve cotton turtleneck or t-shirt as this will protect your chest from the wind.
  • Long underwear that will absorb moisture. Even if you don’t wear them fishing they are useful for the drive home if your jeans get wet.
  • Shorts with pockets in case it’s a warm day.
  • Jeans or khakis because they are comfortable, break the wind and keep the sun off.
  • Long sleeve cotton shirt for warm weather as it will protect you from the sun.
  • Long sleeve wool shirt for cold weather.
  • Fleece pullover as they are warm comfortable and lightweight.
  • Hoodie for the same reason and they will keep your head warm.
  • An impermeable rain jacket as these are the only things that work in really wet weather. Waist high is the best for wading.
  • Waterproof trousers are also useful. The over-trousers from fishing stockists will also keep you warm.
  • A bin liner that can be made into a poncho if you forget your water proofs.
  • A good hat to protect from the sun and the rain.

Finally pack a waterproof foul weather bag with extra warm clothes and a change of dry clothes.

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