Lob worms – how to get them

How to source lob worms

Lob worms can be dug from sandy and muddy beaches when the tide is at its lowest point. However this can be backbreaking work, often with very little reward.  On the rare occasions when I have managed to be at a beach when the tide was out and geared up to look for lob worms it has been very satisfying to get my own fishing worms. Mostly, time and the tides dictate that I buy my fishing worms from a reputable supplier such as Leansmount Worms.

The fishing worms come in their own breathable bag where they can be kept for at least a week if kept cool. I keep mine on the floor of my garden shed where they will be cool and out of the rain. When I am travelling or fishing I keep the fishing worms in a cooler box with bottles of frozen water that I have put in the freezer for a few hours. These bottles are blue in colour, square of shape; purpose made and are often used for picnic baskets.

I buy my lob worms by number – usually 100 at a time but 50 if I am short of cash or if is close to the end of the fishing season when I know I won’t get a chance to use them. I find the lob worms work best when fishing for cod, bass, flounder, dabs and whiting. I use a fine wire Aberdeen hook for catching these fish.

100 lob worms can be bought from Paul Downing of Leansmount Worms.