Where can I fish on the Upper Bann river?

Leansmount Worms seller of fishing worms in NI and the UK provides the following information to our customers.

Upper Bann River – closest town Portadown in County Armagh.

The best place to fish on the Upper Bann is  Point of Whitecoat to Lough Neagh, a 16km stretch. It is a well-known coarse fishery and you can fish all year round. There is a lovely path along the boulevard on the west bank from Point of Whitecoat to the boathouse. There is a footpath from the boathouse through Shillington’s Stretch often used by pleasure anglers.

You can also gain access along a lot of the east bank downstream of Portadown. Five fishing areas have been developed by arrangement with the landowners. They are Hoys meadow, Portadown park, Boulevard, Irwins Quay and Milk Quay. You may be able to gain access to other parts of the river by private arrangement.

What type of fish are in the river?

Pike, bream, roach and perch are all found there. It is coarse fishing and the daily bag limit is one pike per person and four coarse fish per day. All pike weighing 4kg (8.8lb) and over and coarse fish longer than 25cm must be returned to the water.

Can I fish from a boat?

No you will share the river with canoes and boating enthusiasts so fishing from the river bank is fine but no boat fishing is allowed.

What type of fishing bait can I use?

Fishing worms and maggots are acceptable bait. You can get your worms for fishing from Paul Downing of Leansmount Worms on 0771 391 6029

Do I need a licence or permit?

You will need a DCAL coarse fishing rod licence and a DCAL coarse fishing permit.

How do I get to Hoy’s Meadow?

Heading out of Portadown by Bridge Street take the A3 towards Craigavon. After crossing the Bann Bridge take the second left into Watson Street. You can reach the car parks and amenity area by going through the tunnel under the flyover.

How to I get to Portadown Park (opposite Hoy’s Meadow)?

You head out of Portadown by Bridge Street and take the A4 for Dungannon. Go under the flyover and pass a factory on the right hand side. Take the second right into Woodside Green. This leads to open ground and playing fields by the river. There is parking available.

How to I get to Boulevard?

You take the A3 from Craigavon into Bridge Street in Portadown. Cross the Bann Bridge and take the first left in Bridge Street South and continue about 275m to the car-park on left. You can also walk there using the path to the boathouse at the end of Portmore Street.

How do I get to the country areas of Irwins Quay and Milk Quay?

You take the B2 signposted ‘Lough Neagh’, off the A27 to Craigavon. You can fish on two places on the east bank.