Fishing in the Anglican Region. Information from Leansmount Worms supplier of fishing worms to the UK

Visit our shop where we sell fishing worms in the UK to anglers using lobs and dendros. This blog provides information about fishing in the Anglican region of the UK.

Why can I fish at certain times and not others?

In order to protect fish during the breeding season there are restrictions as to when you can fish.

When can I coarse fish in the Anglican region?

You can fish  for coarse from 16th June until the 14th March of the following year. This applies to most waters in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads however there are a few exceptions namely the Louth, Fossdyke, Horncastle, North Walsham and Dilham canals

 Can I fish for eel?

Yes you can fish for eels in some waters but not with a hook or other metal implement attached to a line.

Can I fish for trout?

You can fish for brown trout and rainbow trout in rivers from 1st April to the 29th October of the following year. This also applies to brown trout in unenclosed still waters. You can fish for brown trout in enclosed still waters all year round.

 When can I fish for salmon?

You can fish for salmon and migratory trout between 1st March and 28th September of the following year. You cannot fish for these between 06.00 on Sunday to 24.00 on the following day.

When fishing for salmon before 16 June, you may only use artificial fly or artificial lure.

What fish I take from the water?

Salmon cannot be taken before the 16th June and any caught must be returned to the water with as little injury as possible:

You can take:

  • two grayling of between 30 and 38 cm per day
  • one pike of less than 65 cm per day
  • fifteen common bream, silver bream, , common car, rudd,  barbel, chub,  crucian carp, dace, perch, pike, roach, smelt or tench of less than 20cm per day.

These restrictions also apply on all the waters in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.

There are no restrictions on the number of other coarse fish you may take.

How can I avoid foul hooking?

Foul hooking is more likely to occur if you have too many rods or are too far away from your rods which prevents you from taking immediate action if you do catch a fish.

Why can’t I fish with whatever I want?

Some fishing practices can harm fish and other wildlife for example, lead weights can poison swans and other wildfowl; some fishing baits and methods can remove the option of returning fish alive.

What baits, lures and weights can’t I use?

Any form of gorge bait (a piece of stick/bone hidden in the bait parallel to the line)

Any form of lead weight attached to a fishing line other than those of 0.06 grams, or less, or of more than 28.35 grams.

Crayfish of any species whether alive or dead when fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in any waters, as this can spread disease.

Do not use any fish for as live bait unless the fish are retained at and used only in the water from which they were taken. Or alternatively you have obtained the Environment Agency’s consent to introduce live bait at another water.