Essential items for fishing in Ireland

If you want to get the most out of your first fishing experience, there are few essential items that you should consider purchasing, like fishing worms, a rod, and the proper clothing. When you are going afloat, it is crucial to wear life jacket, glasses and a hat for your safety.

If you are planning to go fishing in lakes, purchase a rod of about ten or eleven feet. When you want to go to the rivers, purchase a rod that is around eight to nine feet in length. If you want to catch trout, you must remember that other anglers might be there trying to catch other fish like salmon or pike.

If you are using the spinning method for fishing, purchase a lightweight rod around eight to ten feet in length. Most of the towns in Ireland have tackle shops, where you can get information about the appropriate fishing method you should use in that particular area. You can also contact these shops for information regarding fishing permits in local lakes and rivers.

The island of Ireland has a temperate climate with frequent rains. The rainfall provides an excellent environment for trout and salmon fishing. When you are fishing, you should also consider the temperature, barometric pressure, water levels and the prevailing weather in the region where you want to fish. If it is raining heavily, make sure your wear waterproof clothing. Along with the safety equipment, remember to keep a good stock of fishing worms. Dendros or dendrobaena worms are the worms of choice for salmon and trout. These fishing worms can be bought online from Paul Downing of Leansmount Worms.