Different types of worms for fishing

There are different types of metal and plastic lures that can be used for fishing. But nothing can substitute the living fishing worms. You can dig for these fishing worms or buy them from reputed companies like Paul Downing of Leansmount Worms. While choosing worms for fishing, you have to consider the season, appetite and location of the fish you want to catch.

A common type of fishing worm is the lob worm or Canadian Nightcrawler. It has a tough skin and can live for a long period of time with refrigeration. The segmented, dull red fishing worms are about three to four inches long. The lob worms are very appealing to fish of various sizes but are particularly good for catching large salmon and eels.

Bloodworm is the best kind of bait for striped bass, usually in the spring season. It is also good for kingfish, weakfish, porgies and winter flounder depending on the season when you are fishing. Bloodworms are thin and are deep burgundy coloured. They grow from two inches to eighteen inches and have to be stored in refrigerators. You have to be careful with these worms as they might bite.

Another popular kind of fishing worm is the dendrobaena worm or dendros for short. These fishing worms are red / brown in colour. They can stay alive without refrigeration and they even enjoy a certain amount of heat (not more than 18 degrees). They can be used in all the seasons when purchased from reliable companies like Leansmount Worms.