Lob worms and soil restoration

Lob worms – Fertilise your soil the natural way with burrowing lob worms!   Is your soil in need of a tonic? Have you noticed a scarcity of worms in your garden? Have you moved into a new development and noticed the soil is in poor condition?

Unfortunately worms are now less abundant in our soil. Overuse of weed killers and insectides, intensive farming and the arrival of the predatory flatworm have all taken their toil.With Lob worms you can enrich and restore soil as nature intended!

Soil restoration with worms has long been used in Holland, a country known for its good husbandry. More recently, the successful Edam project that transformed a Cornish quarry into a centre of horticultural excellence introduced garden worms to help their soil.

How do lob worms work? Lob worms live below ground but come to the surface to eat at night. The process of moving up and down, up and down, aerates the soil, helps drainage, pulls fallen leaves down to the lower levels, breaks up clay soil and binds sandy soil. Lob worms also produce “worm cast” a highly nutritious compost containing growth-promoting substances – sometime known as “black gold”. This compost plays an essential role in feeding and maintaining the soil. In fact worms take the hard work out of gardening!

Lob worms which are a popular fishing worm are also known as “Canadian Nightcrawlers”