Why you should use live baits?

There is a lot of debate regarding the usage of live baits and artificial baits. Fish usually eat shell fish, bait fish, frogs, bugs and worms. So, to catch them effectively it is always better to bait with what the fish actually eat, than with artificial or plastic bait. Another reason to purchase live bait such as lob worms is that you will be able to get a better catch. You can purchase live bait from your local tackle shop. Fishing worms such as lob worms should be bought from reputed dealers like Leansmount Worms.

How to use live bait?

To succeed, you should remember to fix the live bait to the right hook size. The live bait will dart and move through the river, helping you catch your target fish. You should always purchase the fishing gear from reputed companies for best results.

Also, it is important to arrange your tackle. You probably already own a reel and a rod, so you also have to arrange for a tackles-like bait holder, hooks and swivels. You should also have weights like split shot, egg and pyramid. When you are making use of fishing worms, use swivels to fix pyramid weight below the hook. Then you have to attach the fishing worm to the hook and pull using the clip and barb.

When you purchase live worms from Leansmount Worms, you can be sure of catching more fish than usual. Our fishing worms are used successfully in competitions throughout the UK. Also, remember to find out about the fishing rules for a particular river or lake where you want to go fishing. You may also need fishing permit or license to catch fish at some places.