Is fishing good for your health?

Obesity is becoming a real problem in the UK where thousands of people are overweight, placing them at greater risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, or strokes. Anything that gets people taking exercise will help to reduce obesity and is therefore a good thing.

This is where fishing comes in. It might not be the first sport you think about when you think of health benefits but fishing involves quite a bit of exercise. Many good fishing spots are off the beaten track and inaccessible to cars so a good bit of walking is necessary. Furthermore, the Angler, carrying a fishing rod and fishing worms will often walk the river bank trying to catch fish.

Fishing is also good for your mental outlook. It provides a chance to get away from it all; a chance to put your troubles aside for a while. This relaxes your mind and when you return to whatever was worrying you it doesn’t seem so daunting anymore.

In these days of computer games and social media fishing with your son or daughter is an excellent way of building relationships and spending time together. It also helps to get your kids active – off the sofa and away from the computer screen.

At Leansmount Worms we can provide you with all the fishing worms you need to keep you active and on the riverbank for days!