Fishing in the Rain – Is rain important when it comes to catching fish?

Is it true that the best time to catch fish is when it is raining? Well in my opinion the rain is very important when it comes to catching fish but there are other factors that are equally important. Fishermen and women looking for fish particularly salmon are certainly reliant on frequent rain to swell the rivers and encourage fresh fish to run in from the sea. The rivers need rain on a regular basis if they are to fish well. Therefore the dedicated angler will watch for any hint of rain and follow the weather forecast closely.

However rain is not the only factor. Heavy rain fall bringing on a sudden flood in a river might bring in some fish but the fish are unlikely to bite at the height of the flood. The height of the river is another crucial factor influencing whether fish will be caught. If the river is too high or too low the fish will not bite either. The time to catch fish is when the spate starts to run off and the water begins to clear.

Other things to remember is that a dull overcast day is better than a sunny one as fish don’t like too much sun and tend to take cover in deep dark water far below the surface. It is also said that fish do not like water that is too warm as it makes them sluggish and puts them off their food. If you are going to fish in warm weather then early morning or late in the evening is best.

Other factors which might influence whether you catch fish or not include a change in atmospheric conditions such as a drop in wind strength or a change in wind direction, the passing of a thunderstorm, a rise in temperature either water or air and a change of light.

The fishing worms you use will also determine your success in catching fish. Fishing worms are very popular and have a proven track record. Many anglers have caught fish using dendros or lob worms (also known as European Night crawlers) from Leansmount Worms, a reasonably priced and reputable supplier. Our fishing worms really do catch fish!

To summarise then, rain is important if you want to catch fish but river height, cloud cover, changes in atmospheric pressure and the type of fishing bait or fishing worms you use will also have an impact. Sometimes it comes down to grit and determination so remember the old adage, if at first you don’t succeed try try again!