Using fishing worms to make compost

Do you have a compost bin or wormery? Would you like to take the work out of composting and have even better compost?

Using composting worms which are also fishing worms you can improve the performance of your compost bin or wormery, speed up the composting process, produce high quality nutrient rich compost, improve your garden soil and plants and help the environment! By using composting worms, that is, denddrobaena fishing worms, to break down your compost your plants and flowers will flourish!

Worm composting has long been used in the United States and Australia as an effective and natural way of recycling kitchen and garden waste into rich organic compost or “black gold” Composting worms eat kitchen and garden waste and turn it into “worm cast” a highly nutritious compost containing growth-promoting substances. This compost plays an essential role in feeding and maintaining the soil.

Worms are so important that Charles Darwin called them “the most important animal in the history of the world”. Unfortunately the overuse of insecticides and weed killers has discouraged our native earthworms. Simply place the composting worms and the bedding they arrived in on the top of your compost bin and wait a few weeks. The composting worms will eat your waste and excrete it. What remains are very fine particles known as ‘worm cast’ This worm cast is highly nutritious for plants and flowers. It is also excellent for breaking up heavy clay soil.

Dendrobaena worms or dendros which are also used for catching a variety of fish are used for composting. These fishing worms can be bought from Leansmount worms.